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E-Marketing Tips






1.  Reserve your name, business name by registering it with ($8.95) or or other legitimate registration service—(cost up to $35 a year)

2.  Submit your url to directories, webguides, and search engines.  free submission to 40 search engines

3.  Make your site search engine friendly--use meta tags to describe your site and list important keywords.

4.  Start a e-newsletter to stay connected to your customers—see or to start a free newsletter

5.  Always include your url on any printed or web-based material you create.

6.  Make effective banner-ads.  Use banner exchanges and targeted advertising.

7.  Join affiliate programs such as ones at or to sell your books or complimentary merchandize.

8.  Advertise your specials and schedule on your website.

9.  Provide directions to your business.

10.  Write for web and business publications.

11.  Join webrings in your content area –

12.  Use press releases--both online and traditional--to bring people to your site. 

13.  Buy adwords (google) or targeted online advertising.

14.  Sell or give away items with your brand and website name on it.  See or  examples:  t-shirts, bumper stickers and tote bags.

15.  Use social networking sites like Facebook to create fan pages for your business or add Twitter feeds to send out news about your business.

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